U24 -Ukraine24 Foundation. Charitable Foundation - Street of destroyed homes in the eastern part of Chernihiv.

Now we are on the street, which is located in the eastern part of Chernihiv, which suffered most from the Russian invaders. Many houses have been razed to the ground. Many families were killed, and even more people were left homeless. Families are forced to rebuild houses on their own. Through our organization, we accept donations and implement real support projects for affected families.

We support single and elderly people who are not able to deal with the purchase of building materials. We also help with the search and selection of qualified workers for restoration. We select teams of specialists to work on charitable grounds. We have competent volunteers who help the elderly. There is a lot of work in this direction, we are glad for any help.

Our organization works legally, we are able to participate in tenders for the purchase of building materials in bulk, in order to provide the best prices for affected families. Become our partner, we are open to cooperation in this charitable project. Together we can do more for people.

With best wishes Kyslukho Yevhenii Head of the U24 - Ukraine24 Foundation.

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