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This story is about how it is very hard for a old woman to live alone. She walks with great difficulty, uses a special device for walking. After the hostilities, she was left without a roof over her head.

Her house was destroyed by a Russian artillery shell. The ceiling collapsed, and everything inside the house was flooded with rain. Fortunately, volunteers were able to restore part of her house. Our organization took part in the restoration of her home, we got to know her better, and found out her additional needs.

There is still a lot to be done, to restore the second part of the house. It is necessary to restore ceilings and walls in the second half of the house, insert windows, make a canopy-roof over the entrance. Renovate the bathroom which is currently missing in her home. We hope that this spring and summer we will be able to help her complete the restoration project. We will be glad if you join the restoration through our organization. Perhaps on a regular basis we can help this lonely woman.

Our organization helps the people in need. We are transparent about our funds and we feel it as our duty to help these people because we are very close to them.

You can take a direct part in the work of our foundation, become a volunteer, or a donor of our activities. We ask for your help, together we can make a difference. - Kyslukho Yevhenii Head of the U24 - Ukraine24 Foundation

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Zvit | 2023-04-08