U24 -Ukraine24 Foundation. Charitable Foundation - Problems in a small town of modular houses. Chernihiv ( Ukraine )

Today we visited a small town of modular houses. It is located in one of the destroyed districts of Chernihiv. Such houses were given to families whose houses were completely destroyed. Or they are in such a state they are unsuitable for life. Many families are very happy with such housing. And very grateful for the support. This modular unit has everything you need. There is water and light. You can cook food and there are bathrooms.

There is a special playroom for the children. Everything is fine, as it seems at first glance. But residents also face a number of challenges. Residents suffer from excessive moisture in the sleeping modules. In cold weather, moisture condenses on mattresses and pillows. Insufficient heat levels are also a problem for families with children. We want to take the initiative and install an additional air dehumidifiers in each module in order to make life more comfortable and safer.

Together with your help, we are ready to take responsibility for the implementation of this project.Support the activities of our organization with a donation.

Sincerely, Kislukho Evgeni - head of the U24 - Ukraine24 Foundation 

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