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This is a story about the pre-school No 71 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. A Russian artillery shell landed in the courtyard and as a result the shockwave and shrapnel shattered the windows and penetrated the walls which created a lot of damage to the school. Restoration work is currently underway. Work began last summer. Already managed to restore a lot of the building.

At present, children already have the opportunity to go back to the kindergarten. The repaired parts of the kindergarten are already in use. We have replaced the windows and filled in the holes where the shrapnel came through. The principal did a lot for this kindergarten, she attracted the help from people from across the world. We also ask for your help.

We still have a lot to do. We need additional materials to finish the job. We need building materials to finish rebuilding some of the damaged parts of the building. We have made part of the shelter in the basement of the kindergarten in order to take the children to safety in case of another air attack. In the future, it is necessary to re-equip several of these areas of the kindergarten. We need additional funds for the labour and materials.

The children's teachers and workers of this kindergarten donate their own resources to help rebuild but this isn't enough to finish the job. Need to buy new furniture, wall paint, floor coverings, toilets, showers, communication systems, electrical installations, doors and additional ventilation. As well as level floors and walls.

There is still a lot work to be done and with your support we can do it faster. For the children of Ukraine!Kyslukho Yevhenii, the head of the U24 Foundation.

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