U24 -Ukraine24 Foundation. Charitable Foundation - WE INVITE THOSE WHO WISH TO JOIN OUR ACTIVITIES!

Dear business owners and donors!

We urgently need your help to be of the utmost importance to help the victims of the war. Our reporting is transparent, we will ensure the targeted direction of funds from our fund.

Reports on our work.

We submit all reports to government agencies.

We offer assistance to migrants from the war zone, refugees and other citizens in need. Any help is important: loyal terms of business cooperation; coverage of production facilities or products; transfer of vehicles for purchase and much more. We really need a truck to deliver goods.

Our charitable organization U24 - Ukraine24 Foundation is doing everything possible to help Chernihiv residents and their loved ones. We intend to help families who have lost their homes and apartments. We ask organizations selling building materials. Also selling roofing, lumber, windows, glass, wood, doors, stretch ceilings, drywall and other building materials. To promote and regulate the activities of our charitable organization in this activity, allocating reasonable prices for its services to help rebuilding and help the citizens of Ukraine from the war.

The initiatives and activities of the charitable organization U24 are aimed at the speedy restoration of destroyed housing, walls, apartments of residents of Chernihiv, Bucha, Gostomel, Borodianka, Kharkov, Irpin, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Our initiative for the construction of modular houses and frame-panel structures of rapid construction. Low-rise economical construction. With autonomous heating and the ability to quickly connect communications (water, gas, fuel oil, sewerage, electricity, etc.)

Our charitable foundation U24 is a reliable, proven and legally operating organization, included in the TOP-100 reliable and proven foundations and charitable organizations. We have all certificates and work permits. Official registration of Ukraine and support of local governments and governments.

We sincerely wish to supervise this activity by other safe and reputable charities.

We call on Leaders and Teams of Volunteers, Assistants, Professionals to lend a helping hand to the peculiarities of the undertaking and the good cause of restoring houses, housing, walls and ceilings, broken windows, broken glass in Chernihiv, Kiev, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka. , Gostomel, Kharkov. It is important for everyone, people are very present…

We help with your help.