U24 -Ukraine24 Foundation. Charitable Foundation - About us

History of the Ukraine24 Foundation.

My name is Kyslukho Yevhenii. I have lived in Chernihiv all my life. I worked in a company in the field of building materials. Production of stretch ceilings.

As a result of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and directly against our city of Chernihiv, I found myself, like millions of Ukrainians, in difficult living conditions.

Together with my team, we decided to create a charitable organization, the “International Charitable Foundation “ U24 -Ukraine24 Foundation”.

Our mission is to help the people in Chernihiv and other cities in Ukraine defend their houses, protect children from the aggressor of Russia, and together build an independent and successful future.

We help people in Chernihiv, the most vulnerable, marginalized & at-risk and internally-displaced people and refugees.

We help the families of Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes and move to the safe cities of our wonderful country.

We support the medical front. Ukrainian medics sorely need assistance both on the front lines and in the rear. After all, the lives of children and civilians in Ukraine depend on the work of doctors.

Our charitable foundation is all of you: philanthropists, volunteers, caring citizens. Together we are strong.

Our charitable foundation is officially registered and operates in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

We are open to cooperation with international charities, business and the media.

Please help the U24 foundation – provide life-saving support to the most vulnerable families in Ukraine.